About us

Our reputation of delivering some of the most prestigious projects both in Ireland and the UK, to the highest standards, on time, and on budget have demonstrated our ability to undertake and deliver large scale projects.
Our knowledgeable workforce and effective management, our People, are the keystones to our success, and we are proud of the dedication and professionalism of all our staff ensuring Quality is to the forefront when delivering to our clients.
Our goals are to continually seek to use the most Innovative technologies, methodology and best practice to ensure repeat business and attract new customers.  We continue to address this by exploring new technologies and fostering and encouraging the visions of our people ensuring there is a constant focus on continuous improvement.
We are a market leader with a can-do attitude. Our company is our people and therefore the Safety of our workforce is our primary concern.
We are committed to Sustainability across the company and are constantly focused on improving this across all aspects of our business.

We believe our PEOPLE seek out and set the highest standards of QUALITY, SAFETY, SUSTAINABILITY, and INNOVATION for our clients enabling the continued GROWTH of Platt Reilly.