Supporting the communities where we work

At Platt Reilly, we believe we all have a responsibility to support, in some measure, our workforce and the communities where we work. This company-wide ethos has led us to the creation of the Platt Reilly Foundation.Over our last 20 years in operation, we have taken our role in charitable work/support seriously and decided in 2022 that formally establishing the Platt Reilly Foundation would provide the best means to serve this going forward.

Who we support 

Our Foundation has been established to support disadvantaged people and communities. We will endeavour to help, in some way, to make a real and sustainable difference to the lives of people in these communities.We hope that by supporting various initiatives within these communities, Platt Reilly will help make real change.

Charity partnerships 

We are passionate about our charity partnerships which have been chosen as they align with our ultimate goal to support the body and overall well-being. We believe the benefits of physical activity allow us all to break from everyday challenges and responsibilities.

We also carry out several fundraising events throughout the year.